Atlantic Dulse Seaweed Benefits

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Atlantic dulse seaweed benefits have long been recognised in coastal communities.  Dulse has been consumed on Ireland’s west coast for centuries.  My granddad lived all of his life on the Aran Islands and had eaten wild harvested dulse, all of the time.  I have fond memories of how he always had a bunch of dried dulse wholeleaf packed into a brown paper bag, he carried a bag of seaweed with him everywhere he went.  It is still normal practice today on the islands,  my mom eats seaweed several times a week.

Growing up on the Aran Island’s the inhabitants always consumed dulse, it was used as a functional food ingredient.  The small group of islands are located 10 nautical miles from Ireland’s west coast and stretch across the entrance to Galway Bay (Yes, the same place that Ed Sheeran sang the song “Galway Girl”).  The islands take on the full force of the Atlantic ocean.  There are 3000 miles of open ocean between north America and the location that our Atlantic Dulse Seaweed is harvested from.  Growing up on the island, the food staples were mainly fish, shellfish, meat and land grown vegetables.  All of the island agricultural farming fields were also cultivated and fertilised with of course, seaweed!

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  • The tremendous health benefits of Atlantic Dulse
  • What are the benefits of Atlantic Dulse seaweed?
  • Atlantic Dulse helps to detoxify and remove heavy metals
  • Why the harvesting location of dulse matters

It can make a tremendous difference in your health and how you feel.

Seaweed outranks a long list of popular land vegetables in mineral and vitamin content. Some of the nutrients you will get in every spoon of our Atlantic Dulse and Irish Moss are detailed below, there’s even more nutrient dense goodness…!

Atlantic Dulse is a critical ingredient in the famous "Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie" by Medicinal Medium.

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Hi guys, just making my second purchase with you after finding your product. I'm enjoying the product and have been sharing with the family, trying the dulse this time though. I use the product as a pre-workout drink and amazingly have my energy and muscle pumps back! I was seriously iodine deficient for some which lead to low zinc as well. Anyway the results were almost instant. Great product...
Dulse Flakes is Plant Based
Brett Priest
Sydney, NSW

What are the benefits of Atlantic dulse seaweed?

The medicinal benefits of adding dulse to your diet are vast.  The dietary and health benefits come from the various micro and macro nutrients.  Atlantic Dulse is rich in Protein, Fibre and Omega(‘s) fatty acid content, Vitamin A, K, B and several more that are discussed in detail below. 

As further research continues into the astonishing health benefits that are gained from consuming sea vegetables such as Atlantic Dulse.  It is well known that Dulse contains a balanced quantity of trace minerals such as iodine, potassium, iron, zinc, magnesium and beta and alpha carotene, among others.  Dulse it also packed with protein, up to 20% of dry weight is protein and this depends on the harvesting month, it can help to power your day while the good omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid [PUFA] content helps to regulate your body and nervous system to name but a few.

Adding Dulse to your dietary eating habits can assist in the following areas;

Dulse helps to strengthen the nervous system (Omega-3)

Dulse can help keep your nervous system in check.  It contains omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA).  These important fatty acids not only assist with keeping a healthy heart, the omega-3 PUFA’s also help to regulate the nervous systems and inflammatory processes, while also helping with brain function.  Omega-3 is a natural anti-inflammatory and can help to reduce inflammation, with the ever increasing interest in sourcing nutrients and supplements that can improve athletic performance and recovery, ensuring a safe and natural source of Omega-3 into your diet is a must have in your food pantry.

Dulse helps to improve and balance the thyroid gland (Iodine)

Not having enough iodine in your body can lead to an under-active thyroid, or hypothyroidism.  What this means is that your body does not have enough iodine to help regulate the thyroid  gland.  Finding a reliable, safe and healthy source of iodine can greatly increase your health and over well-being.  Other seaweeds such as kelp or bladderwrack generally contain higher amounts of Iodine.  This is one of the characteristics of why dulse is often suggested as a natural supplement that can work as a natural treatment for hypothyroidism.  It contains good amounts of Iodine.  Its just amazing that this little red seaweed absorbs natural iodine from the Atlantic ocean. Iodine not only helps the thyroid gland, it also helps our mental function, increased energy levels and can also help protect us against radiation poisoning.

Dulse is a healthy source of natural protein (Protein)

Similar to other red seaweeds, dulse is protein rich and can range between 9-22% of the dried biomass in protein alone.  Out of all the red seaweeds, Atlantic dulse generally contains the highest protein content of all dried red seaweeds.  The protein content is highest when the seaweed is harvested in the winter months on both sides of the north Atlantic.  At island seaweed, we only harvest dulse in the winter and early spring months, ensuring the highest quality product that is nutrient dense.  Proteins help create new cells in the body and also play a key role in the repair and maintenance of the body.

Dulse helps to improve the digestive system (Fibre)

Dulse has a significant amount of dietary fibre that helps our body to regulate the digestive processes.  It is of particular interest to people who suffer from diarrhea and/or constipation.  It contains both soluble and insoluble forms of fibre.  Fibre is very important in keeping the digestive tract operating smoothly. Sea vegetables contain polysaccharides substances in the form of alginic acid that helps to detoxify our system from heavy metals and more.  Having antioxidants present in dulse also helps to reduce inflammation and reduces symptoms such as bloating. Having good sources of dietary fibre helps with weight control, blood cholesterol and can even help fight bowel cancer by increasing stool bulk and diluting possible carcinogens present in our diet.

Dulse aids healthy eyes and improved vision (Carotene)

Because dulse contains antioxidant carotenoids in the form of alpha-carotene and beta carotene, it is known to reduce the risk of macular degeneration and can lower the risk of cataracts.  Dulse also contains other carotenoids such as zeaxanthin and lutein which help our body to reduce and flush out free radicals from our system which in turn helps to keep our eyesight healthy and can even improve eye vision.

Dulse helps to improve our blood circulation (Iron)

There are high levels of iron and potassium found in dulse seaweed, iron helps our bodies in the production of hemoglobin, adding dulse can help increase blood circulation in our body.  Potassium is also another essential nutrient that is necessary for your heart, nerves and muscles to function properly.  Both Iron and Potassium can help to avoid high blood pressure, stroke and as we get older, osteoporosis.

Dulse help to keep bones and teeth strong (Magnesium)

Dulse is rich in magnesium and also contains calcium, these two minerals when consumed together helps keep our bones and teeth structures stronger and healthier.  Dulse provides high levels of protein and mostly all of the amino acids that our bodies need, again when introduced with calcium and magnesium it all works together to build stronger bones and teeth.

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How can I use dulse sea vegetables in my food choices?

Seaweed is a very versatile and functional food ingredient.  Our seaweed varieties come in whole-leaf, flakes and powder.  Below are some of the methods that seaweed is used around our kitchen table.

Atlantic Dulse A Functional Food Ingredient
Our mom always used sea vegetables in our food.
I do the same with my kids, they do not even know its there!

Our Happy Aussie Customers

Happy Atlantic Dulse Seaweed Customers

Atlantic dulse helps to detoxify and remove heavy metals

Atlantic Dulse, once consumed it is known to go into the deep parts of our body and binds to heavy metals that help to cleanse our system.  According to the website ‘medical medium’, dulse travels deep into the gut and digestive tract to seek out and bind to mercury and other heavy metals such as led, copper, and nickel.  It binds to these types of heavy metals and will not release the toxins until it passes through and leaves the body.  It is said that its good to consume blueberries, cilantro, barley grass juice extract and spirulina, prepare, mix and blend all together is said to be very beneficial to the body detox process.  It is said that Atlantic dulse is a powerful fore to rid our bodies from mercury all on its own.  Get your premium Atlantic dulse today! 


Dulse and Iodine

The word is spreading about seaweed and the content of minerals such as iodine that it can absorb.  The reality is that you can sample two different seaweed species and, you will more than likely get two different results.  For example, Kombu/Sugar Kelp contains very high amounts of Iodine whereas the green seaweeds such as ‘sea lettuce’ contains very little amounts of iodine.  Seaweeds are low in calories and rich sources of nutrients ranging from minerals, dietary, vitamins and long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids or PUFA’s, all beneficial to health.

Dulse Flakes and Dulse Powder can be considered to contain high amounts of iodine when compared to other red seaweeds such as Irish Moss, with both species coming from the same family of red seaweeds. 

In fact, consuming Dulse daily can provide enough iodine to ensure that we are not iodine deficient and can help prevent goitre.  There are many therapeutic used for Atlantic Dulse.  It is a superfood with Vitamins, minerals, omegas, B12, iron and the list goes on!  This is why this sea vegetable is punching above its weight, I don’t know many such land vegetables that provide B12. 


Why the harvesting location of dulse matters

The dulse that we supply originated from one of the most pristine and monitored marine ecosystems in the world.  The harvesting locations of Connemara and the Aran Islands are routinely tested by the EPA and Marine Universities.  Ireland’s natural marine environments and fishing grounds are world renowned and largely protected. 

This is important to ensure that the marine ecosystem’s are monitored, tracked and reported on.  Seaweed has always been harvested on Ireland’s westcoast.  The waters are graded as high while also being classified as unpolluted.  Evidently, there has never been any industrial economies in Ireland-s west. The harvesting locations are mainly uninhabited islands and coral beaches surrounding the areas, it is cut off from the rest of Ireland.  The coast line is in pristine condition.

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