What does Atlantic Dulse Taste Like?

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So, Just what does Atlantic Dulse taste like?  We will cover a lot of areas in this article such as, does Atlantic Dulse Seaweed taste fishy, what is the texture of this red seaweed, how to use Dulse in your kitchen and how long will Dulse last for.  After-all, Dulse does come from the sea and similarly to other foods, it has a few different tastes depending on how you prepare it!  We process and provide a finished sea vegetable product that is in wholeleaf, flake or powder.  We understand that there are many different eating styles and having a range of choices gives you, the consumer more options on how best to include and introduce this healthy supplement into your dietary habits.  It’s not just for the adults!  Growing up in our house many years ago, we consumed Atlantic Dulse and Irish Sea Moss through all of our early childhood.  Some find the taste of Dulse a little fishy, however most find it to have a mildly umami taste and more of a savory but salty taste to it and some people just love the taste.  Personally, I prefer to consume dulse in a smoothie.  Below are some tips that you can use for adding Dulse sea vegetables that suits your eating style.

Atlantic Dulse Serving Tips

  • Wholeleaf – It can be eaten dried, or fried.  If you want the original you can pop the Dulse frond(s) into water and It will once again take on its natural form as the day that it was harvested – just amazing!
  • Flake – Grab a small handful and sprinkle into your salad to give it a lovely crimson red colour, or over your next fish curry, you can also add it when making fresh bread (my mom’s go-to source).  Dulse flake works well in soups also.
  • Powder (Coarse) – As mentioned above this is my personal favourite by far!  Pop some fruit and veggies into the blender, mix it up, then I add a tea spoon of Dulse powder into my heavy metal detox smoothie.  (Sometimes I add flake, if I want more of a sea vegetable bite.

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Brett Priest
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Atlantic Dulse Seaweed is Natural and Organic, Natural and Plant Based Food

It’s a sea vegetable, Does Atlantic Dulse taste fishy?

Some do say that Dulse tastes fishy and then there are many who just love the stuff.  For me it tastes like seafood, we were accustomed to eating seafood or seaweed.  They were modern day staples for communities that grew up on isolated islands.  If you decide to consume Dulse wholeleaf it is not as fishy as you might imagine, the smell of Dulse is more fishy that the actual taste.  Amazingly, if you want to add a meaty and smoky flavour to any dish, you can fry wholeleaf dulse on a pan over medium heat with a little oil for about 20 seconds.  It taste’s like smokey bacon – its so good.  Many consumers enjoy this method and add it as a side dish or on top of a veggie burger.  So to be clear, it has a mildly salty and smokey flavour; it all depends on how you prepare and use it.

To level set, if you compare Atlantic Dulse to let’s say the other brown seaweed(s) such as kombu kelp or even it’s red seaweed cousin, Atlantic Irish Sea Moss.  They have a much stronger taste of the ocean and likewise smell too.  What is remarkable about Dulse is that you can eat it raw, fresh of the rock or you can eat it dried, fried or baked – it’s just so versatile and lets not forget about all the goodness that you are getting in every single spoonful.  Antioxidants, Protein, Iron, Iodine, Zinc and much, much more.  

What every your taste pallet, you can be assured the Dulse we retail to you is wild-crafted by hand, it is 100% the same sea plant as when it was harvested in Ireland.  We do not alter the seaweed in any way other than drying it using the latest de-humidification technology and plant based food drying techniques.  The Dulse produce you are purchasing is pretty much a raw sea vegetable where the only difference from the day it was harvested is that the water has been extracted.  No other modification has taken place.

What is the texture of Atlantic Dulse?

Again, the texture of Dulse depends greatly on how it is prepared for consumption.  Not surprising, it is plant based so you can eat it fresh from the rock where it grows into a red crimson colored frond.  The fronds are leathery to touch when raw and can be somewhat chewy to eat.  The dulse that we prepare will generally have a water content of below 15%.  If using dulse wholeleaf dried, you can fry it in a little hot oil, the texture is amazingly crispy!  One interesting observation when working with seaweed is that once you dry the seaweed and it is sealed away into an airtight container or food grade package, if you would like for a more chewy texture, you can simply leave the seaweed out in the natural air for some time and it will again absorb moisture from the air around it.  If you place the dried Dulse seaweed into a bowl of water, it will once again take on its natural form also as when it was harvested on Ireland’s westcoast.  

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How to use Atlantic Dulse in your home or kitchen

Not surprising, many people ask me about how to best use dulse in their diets, but more importantly how to actually use it in their kitchens.  In our house hold with 2 young boys we use Dulse powder and the flake form mostly.  We tend not to use wholeleaf as much with the kids.  Through feedback, most people seem to use Dulse in flake form.  You can grab a bunch of flakes and toss it into your salad, smoothie or even into your scrambled eggs breakfast.  The powder I generally use to make smoothies and one of our favourite methods is to add it to a soda brown bread, this was a go to food staple growing up on the rugged Aran Islands.  In saying all that, my grandfather always ate the whloeleaf form which would be crunched up into a brown paper bag.  There are so many ways to use it that it can be a great addition to many foods.  Get yours today and begin to experiment!

Atlantic Dulse Atlantic Irish Sea Moss
Sea vegetables are nutrient dense and contian iodine, zinc, omega's, iron and several more micro and macro nutrients.

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How long does Atlantic Dulse last for?

Atlantic dulse seaweed is no different to other dried seaweeds or dried food ingredients such as herbs for that matter.  If you follow the correct food drying processes, this will ensure that the food produce is dried properly by extracting the water content.  And in our case, we dry all of our seaweeds at our government registered food grade facility in Connemara.  We undertake yearly organic certifications and food health and safety audits.  We are HACCP approved coupled with a European wide organic certification license for all of our seaweed produce.

We dry the seaweeds using the latest drying de-humidification processes to extract up to 85% of the water content from the Dulse seaweed which is considered the industry standard, unlike sun dried which will leave a lot more water content in the dried seaweed.  To get the best results, the Dulse seaweed needs to be stored in a cool, dry and dark place for example, in a pantry that keeps the natural sun light out, your Dulse product should keep good for up to 2 years.  We dry and place the Dulse produce in a European approved food grade package to ensure that you are getting the best quality product each and every time.  

We are committed to providing a quality product.  How do we do this? We do this by wild harvesting the seaweed, then moving in to the drying chamber and packaging the Atlantic Dulse it in less that 24 hours!  This is our quality commitment to you.  If you have any questions or queries, please get in contact.  If you would like to gain more insights into Atlantic Dulse, we have another article that covers more areas here All You Need To Know About Dulse

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