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Atlantic Dulse Seaweed is Natural and Organic, Natural and Plant Based Food

If you have not already heard, Atlantic Dulse is an amazing plant based sea vegetable that is very much nutrient dense in micro and macro minerals.  In this article we will go over a wide range of topics that our readers find important when researching Dulse seaweed.  This article is about all you need to know about Dulse.

We will begin with what exactly is Atlantic Dulse Seaweed.  Why is Dulse Powder and/or Dulse Flakes good for your health and well-being, is Dulse truly a superfood sea vegetable, how can consuming Dulse help my thyroid function better, how to use Dulse in your kitchen (or when on the goo !).  We will further elaborate on the amazing and researched benefits of this remarkable little red crimson sea water sea plant, and conclude with a popular question many customers have – what does Atlantic Dulse taste like?

What is Atlantic Dulse Seaweed?

Dulse is a crimson red marine algae that is generally found at the inter-tidal zone.  It is also found growing further up the shore line too and has been observed from scuba diving to grow at a staggering 20 meters below the water line. It’s predominantly found along the Irish coast in big rock pools and it is a cold-water sea vegetable that’s typically harvested on both sides of the north Atlantic.  It tends to grow in exposed and dangerous rocky areas, which is where it gets the best nutrient uptake from the ocean.  Similar to many marine animals, where they all congregate in the shallow surf as this is where many marine animals and organisms hang around!  

The botanical name for Dulse is Palmaria palmata, while it can also be referred to as Red Dulse and in the Irish language it is called “Dillisk”.  It is widely consumed in Ireland and across the northern European countries and on the north American coastline.  One amazing attribute about Dulse is that when its dried correctly and stored in a dry and dark place, it’s likely your packet of Dulse will last for at least two years.  Just remarkable!

Atlantic Dulse (Palmaria palmata)

Why Is Organic Atlantic Dulse Flakes Good For You?

Like all edible seaweed, Dulse offers a whole host of nutrients when digested.  It is jam-packed full of Fibre, Protein and has good levels of Iodine, Zinc, several B-vitamins including B12, Manganese and several other health promoting properties.  While also offering up a healthy amount of vitamins and healthy fatty acids such as Omega-3.  The level of antioxidants in this type of seaweed can help reduce the risk of chronic diseases for those who choose to consume it.

Typically, a standard portion of Dulse Seaweed nutritionally offers: 

Vitamin C
Vitamin B1
Vitamin B2
Vitamin B3
Vitamin B6
Vitamin B12
Vitamin E

Is Dulse Seaweed A Superfood?

Simply answered: Yes.  Firstly, Dulse is classed as a plant-based superfood due to being high in the nutrients listed above, which makes it the perfect addition to your diet.  Secondly, it has been hailed by many as a superfood thanks to its low levels of fat while being an overall health booster.  Being so full of the good nutrients can help the body and it’s clear that Dulse offers this in abundance.  For instance, in 8g of this vegetarian and vegan-friendly product, there is more iron found than in a 100g piece of sirloin steak, according to studies from the French Institut de Phytonutrition.  

Asian cultures have consumed seaweed as part of their daily diet for hundreds of years, similar to Ireland’s coastal communities.  The Japanese are considered one of the main countries globally that consumes seaweed, and are also on of the healthiest people on the planet.  Many put this down to the daily intake of seaweed in Japanese households. 

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Hi guys, just making my second purchase with you after finding your product. I'm enjoying the product and have been sharing with the family, trying the dulse this time though. I use the product as a pre-workout drink and amazingly have my energy and muscle pumps back! I was seriously iodine deficient for some which lead to low zinc as well. Anyway the results were almost instant. Great product...
Dulse Flakes is Plant Based
Brett Priest
Sydney, NSW

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Is Organic Atlantic Dulse Seaweed Good For Your Thyroid?

Hypothyroidism – also known as having an under-active thyroid – is caused by your body not having enough iodine. While Dulse Seaweed generally doesn’t contain as high an amount of iodine as the likes of Bladderwrack, Dulse still offers up plenty. As well as helping an underactive thyroid gland, the levels of iodine in any edible seaweed can help with your mental function and provide increased energy levels. Not only that, but it can also help protect us against radiation poisoning. 

However, for those who suffer from hyperthyroidism, some edible seaweed isn’t recommended due to high iodine levels. Therefore, Dulse thanks to its lower levels could be a better option.  Many studies have been done on kelp where the seaweed is boiled and results in iodine levels being reduced by 90%.  If you are looking to reduce the sodium levels, pre soaking the seaweed for 30 minutes can help lower levels by 50-70 percent.

This being said, it is important to note that if you are dealing with thyroid issues, you should always contact your doctor and not self-medicate using Dulse or any other food product.

What Are Atlantic Dulse Seaweed’s Main Benefits

Adding Atlantic Dulse Seaweed to your diet can bring a host of benefits. While not limited to these listed, Dulse helps: 

  • Improve and balance the thyroid gland: Thanks to its naturally high levels of iodine, eating Dulse can help to regulate our thyroid gland.
  • Helps to detoxify the body:  Once Dulse has been consumed, it heads deep into our body to bind with heavy metals and cleanse our system.
  • May help strengthen bones: Thanks to its amounts of calcium, magnesium and iron, Dulse may help to protect your joints and bones.
  • May lower blood pressure: Keeping your blood pressure down is vital to prevent heart disease, strokes and heart attacks. As Dulse carries large amounts of potassium and other vital nutrients, this can help reduce the amount of strain and damage to blood vessels and arteries which is caused by high blood pressure. 
  • Can improve digestion: The importance of fibre to your healthy digestive system is well known and Dulse offers it up in abundance. This can help if you’re suffering from constipation or diarrhoea. 
  • Can aid the nervous system: Dulse is full of polyunsaturated fatty acids which can help with the efficient functioning of your brain and nervous system as well as helping to keep your heart healthy.

How can I use Atlantic Dulse?

Like many foods, the versatile Atlantic Dulse Seaweed can differ depending on cooking methods. However, generally speaking it is mildly salty and has a subtler taste than other variations, such as Irish Moss or Bladderwrack.

The three main ways Dulse can be consumed are as follows: 

  • Firstly, wholeleaf: this way allows you to eat it either dried or popped in water. Doing the latter will bring it back to its glorious natural form. This way is less salty than eating it in powder form and is often described as having a chewy texture. Some say that it even has hints of a bacon taste when cooked. 
  • Secondly, flake: This way makes it ideal to use on a salad – or even popcorn! It is also delicious added to a fish curry and/or when making fresh bread.
  • And thirdly, powder (Coarse): For those constantly on the go this helps with a detox smoothie. Simply add half a spoon of your Dulse power into your mix, shake and go. While powder form normally makes it taste more salty, mixing it in this way can remove some of the saltiness.
For more comprehensive information on this wonderful vegan superfood, we have published an article on just What Does Atlantic Dulse Seaweed Taste Like?, it will give you the low down!  And, yes it does taste a little fishy and smokey, the oceans natural umami flavour of course.
Atlantic Dulse Flake

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How Is Dulse Seaweed Different to Kelp?

While both are edible seaweeds which have been harvested for thousands of years, both have different uses. Dulse is perfect for using in the likes of stir fries and salads, while Kelp – which is also known as kombu kelp and is similar to the Japanese kelp – is better suited to a bean-based cooking pot.  Atlantic dulse is a red seaweed where kelp’s are larger and have a brown colour.  Kelp can grow to many metres long where dulse is a lot smaller.  Dulse can be eaten raw or when its dried, whereas kelp predominantly would need to be mixed with a dish or boiled to reduce some of the salt and the high iodine content that it contains.  

Both are highly recommended additions to any healthy diet.

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