Atlantic Dulse Seaweed Powder Australia

Atlantic Dulse Seaweed Australia

Atlantic Dulse Seaweed Australia - Quality Irish Sea Vegetables

Atlantic Dulse Seaweed Australia, the gateway to Irelands westcoast seaweed harvesters that hand harvest 100% of the seaweeds we retail.  We bring the best of Ireland’s wild-crafted Atlantic Dulse Flakes and Atlantic Dulse Powder from Galway’s western shoreline directly to Australia.  Atlantic Dulse has been consumed on Ireland’s west & northern coast for centuries, if not millennia. I was born and raised on the Aran Island’s, situated on Irelands west coast.  I grew up and learned about seaweed and the sea, before I migrated to Sydney, Australia.

The majestic Aran Islands is a place of tradition and provenance.  I vividly remember harvesting seaweed with my mother and her father, my late grandfather.  On the western side of Inis Mor, my granddad always foraged for fresh dulse.  It was common place to sun dry the sea vegetable’s for consuming at a later stage.  Dulse, a crimson red sea vegetable is generally harvested at very low water such as when big king tides come around from the pull of a full moon.  

Similarly to other seaweeds, Atlantic Dulse grows at the low water level, which is only accessible when the sea has drained and leaves the lower shore exposed, harvest time!  The islander’s would be down on the shoreline foraging for food such as large crab that did not go out with the tide, having access to easily picked mussels, periwinkles, etc… Some went to harvest fresh dulse (and Irish Moss and Atlantic Wakame) that grows abundantly in the deep rocky pools and cliff edges.  Atlantic Dulse mainly attaches itself to rocky reefs or large boulders, that tend to be in exposed and very dangerous areas where the full force of the mighty Atlantic ocean hits quite regularly during the big winter storms.

Throughout time, and up to the present day, Atlantic Dulse seaweed has been consumed in Ireland.  Similarly, a staple sea vegetable in Scotland, Wales, France, Iceland, Canada and northern America.  Undeniably, there are many uses for this delicate, yet vibrant and nutrient dense seaweed.  It can be eaten simply as a snack or used as a functional food ingredient.  

Today, Atlantic Dulse is gaining popular credibility as a practical and natural plant based dietary food supplement.  After all, it is of course vegan, vegetarian, dairy free, nut free, lactose free, pretty much all of the bad stuff can be ruled out. 

What are the benefits of Atlantic Dulse?

Further research continues into the many medicinal and health derived benefits that are gained by adding small amounts of dulse to your diet.  It is an all round superfood that helps in many ways from providing a natural source of iodine that helps to regulate our thyroid glands and fights off the bad radiation, to a food source that is packed with Protein and Fibre, it can also assist with athletic performance and regeneration.  If you would like to read more about the below topics, you can go to our atlantic dulse seaweed benefits page to continue reading the amazing nutrient dense properties that this red sea vegetable contains in abundance.

Below are some of the macro and micro nutrient’s that Atlantic Dulse Seaweed absorbs from the Atlantic ocean, there are even more!

Vitamin B1-2-3-6 & B12, Iodine, Calcium, Omega-3 (PUFA), Iron, Vitamin C, Manganese, Beta Carotene, Zine, Magnesium, Manganese and even more…

Dulse Helps Regulate The Thyroid

Wild-crafted dulse seaweeds contain natural Iodine that help balance the thyroid gland, which in-turn helps regulate our metabolism while lowering the risk of goiter.

Dulse Helps Boost Your Immunity

Rich in antioxidants and vitamins and a host of antiviral and antimicrobial agents.  These nutrients help to fight off infections and make us feel better.

Dulse Helps Our Digestive System

Dulse contains soluble fibre (the good fibre!) and amino acids that can help regulate blood sugar levels and protects against heart disease and can even lower cholesterol.

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Zoe BryantZoe Bryant
00:19 11 Aug 23
Excellent product and outstanding customer service. I've ordered multiple times and will continue. Thank you!
Aaron McgrathAaron Mcgrath
04:56 09 Aug 23
I've been purchasing Atlantic Dulse Seaweed and Flakes from these guys since they set up in Australia. I've found the products to be super beneficial for me and my family. Truly amazing products that you can feel the benefit once you start to use it. I recommend to add to your smoothies each morning for full effect, and great for the whole family. The company itself are highly responsive, their product packaging and overall brand are all nice, clean and well presented. My monthly orders are always delivered on time and the customer service is always positive. Highly rated and from a satisfied long term customer. Thanks Enda and the team at Atlantic Dulse Australia.
Joy MJoy M
02:44 08 Aug 23
Speedy delivery and product is of high quality and reasonably priced. I am a repeat customer now.
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06:26 05 Jul 23
Great product, fast enough shipping, fair price. Will but again
Lorraine RuaneLorraine Ruane
05:37 09 Apr 23
Sim GiorgiSim Giorgi
04:50 08 Apr 23
Fantastic quality Dulse. Quick shipping, lovely people, quick communication.I put mine in a coffee grinder before adding to shakes, to get it a bit more refined.

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Atlantic Dulse Harvesting

Fundamentally, dulse is a naturally growing red seaweed alga that is harvested by hand from dangerous rocky outposts and reefs on Ireland’s westcoast, specifically speaking the dulse you purchase on this site is from the Aran Islands and Connemara, Co. Galway.  We guarantee that the Atlantic Dulse you purchase will always be harvested from these 2 locations.  Dulse is only accessible at really low tides., this is when we go harvesting Atlantic Dulse.

Once the sea vegetables are harvested, the wet dulse is transported to a state of the art dehumidifying food grade facility.  It is then inspected for sea creatures such as crustaceans, molluscs, sand and/or grit.  

Further to the quality control checks, Dulse is carefully placed onto food grade shelving ensuring that the fronds are laid out properly to ensure maximum drying.  The wet Dulse is arranged on purpose build organic and food grade approved shelving and placed into a drying chamber.  The Dulse seaweed usually dries in 12 hours approximately.  The Dulse is again inspected to ensure the correct moisture level are achieved.  The dried seaweed is then processed and packed into food grade, air tight and re-seal-able packets.  Our food processes, procedures are of course Certified Organic.

Finally, our online shop retails Atlantic Dulse Flakes and Atlantic Dulse Powder exclusively to the Australian marketplace.  Get yours Today!

This is where your seaweed comes from!

The Good news is, yes you can!  Indeed, the Dulse flakes and Dulse Powder ships direct from Ireland’s westcoast seaweed harvesters.  There is no middle-person in the supply chain whatsoever.  This is what differentiates us from the competition.  When you purchase your seaweed from our online shop, we guarantee that your seaweed product was wild harvested, dried and packed within 24 hours and that all of the operations are carried out by hand.  All the seaweed is sifted by hand to ensure that we can provide the best quality product at the best price for our customers.  We retail an organic certified seaweed product that can be traced back to the location, date and time of harvest.  We do this in order to comply with the regulated organic processes, which is governed by Law in Ireland.  An onsite audit is carried our yearly.

With the above in mind, rest assured that you are purchasing premium quality, Atlantic Dulse Flakes or Atlantic Dulse Powder that is available in Australia today.

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Hi guys, just making my second purchase with you after finding your product. I'm enjoying the product and have been sharing with the family, trying the dulse this time though. I use the product as a pre-workout drink and amazingly have my energy and muscle pumps back! I was seriously iodine deficient for some which lead to low zinc as well. Anyway the results were almost instant. Great product...
Dulse Flakes is Plant Based
Brett Priest
Sydney, NSW

What Is Atlantic Dulse Seaweed

Palmaria palmata is the Latin name for Dulse, in Ireland its called “Dillisk” that has a little twist of the Irish language.  Dulse is a small crimson red saltwater sea vegetable that has a leathery feel to it when you touch it.  An amazing marine sea vegetable with a flat frond to the eye which typically grows to between 30 and 40 centimeters in length.  It can grow larger too and can grow up to 20 meters below sea level.  It attaches itself to the rocks by what is called a holdfast, similar to other seaweed types.

Commonly, Dulse only grows at specific times of the year in Ireland.  Dulse is a seasonal vegetable and is not available all year round.  It latches itself to rocky reefs that are in exposed and dangerous areas, it only grows in cold seas too,  similar to other red edible seaweeds.

Dulse is fast becoming a must have vegan and vegetarian food source and, an important natural plant based food supplement.  Amazingly, It is rich in vitamins, minerals and has a significant amount of iodine.


Palmaria Palmata / Dulse Seaweed Frond
Plamaria palmata (Atlantic Dulse)
Certified Organic Dulse Seaweed
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People often ask, How do you use Atlantic Dulse in the Kitchen?

Plant based food choices are now being selected for various dietary reasons and even ones values.  Evidently, with more people now choosing to add plant based sourced and nutritious food to their diet, Dulse is seen as a healthy sea vegetable alternative that is of course natural and, truly organic.  Unsurprisingly, It is being more widely utilised in restaurants and health food shops also.  The amazing Dulse flakes and powder that we supply are certified organic all over Europe.  We guarantee our seaweed produce, it is fully traceable, hand selected and processed in a state of the art, government registered food grade facility in Ireland.

Another key point to realise, Dulse is not a new food source to coastal communities, It has in fact been consumed on the Aran Islands for centuries as a functional food ingredient, some say that it was used as far back as 600 AD.  Without a doubt, it is quite remarkable what you can do with it, you can eat Dulse fresh from the rock, you can fry it and even dry it into a whole-leaf,  flake and/or powder form , its just so versatile and, super healthy which is a great added bonus!  The premium quality Dulse that we retail directly to you has been dehumidified in less than 12 hours to ensure that the macro and micro nutrients are contained along with all of its amazing and natural medicinal properties. 

Not to mention, some consumers of Dulse compare it to ‘Bacon of the Sea‘.  To achieve the bacon like texture, and taste.  You will need to gently fry Dulse on a pan with some oil over a medium heat until it turns crispy!  On the positive side, this is a favourite in our house.  I have not told the kids that its dulse, just yet!

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Atlantic Dulse Flakes Australia

Some Ideas for Using Dulse In Your Kitchen

Dulse is adaptable around the dinner table, most likely you will be using dried Dulse as you can only use fresh Dulse if you pick it that day that you are going to use it.  Not to mention, Atlantic Dulse provides a powerhouse of fiber (soluble and non-soluble), protein, trace minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and the best of the healthy fatty acids such as omega-3.  It is small in size in comparison to the brown kelp seaweeds, however it provides similar health benefits.  

To that end, below are some of the culinary uses of the red sea vegetable and how you can add it to your daily diet.   

  • Atlantic Dulse can be eaten whole as a snack food, its raw, organic and bursting with flavour.
  • Dulse flakes can be mixed into breads and various types of scones and muffins.
  • Dulse can be sprinkled into salads, over your morning eggs or even on top of popcorn.
  • Dulse butter has been a staple in Iceland for centuries, sprinkle some fried dulse in your sandwich.
  • Dulse was used as a taste buster in Ireland’s famous “white soda bread”.
  • Dulse powder can be added to a smoothie to make it a superfood morning meal.
  • Some even use dulse as a salt replacement, just like salt, dulse comes from the sea too!
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